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Spinal muscular atrophy I type is a disease and a struggle for a lifetime. Even though it looked like I would only rejoice with my family for a short time, I am not willing to accept that.

I wish to be able to play and enjoy everyday things like all of my friends. I will probably never be like them, but I have a great chance of getting better. How I will fight the struggle in my life depends not only on precious expensive medicine that I have received in a rare study, but also on regular rehabilitation, compensatory and medical aids that will help me handle doing ordinary things. Things, that are an everyday thing for healthy children.

Everyone believes that I will one day hopefully be able to stand on my own two feet. Maybe far in the future, but that does not matter. It is important to do everything you can to get better!

From the bottom of my heart, I ask all of you, kind people, to become my friends and helpers on my difficult, but promising journey. A journey towards a normal childhood, which would be a miracle for me. We all firmly believe that, thanks to your help, I will be able to walk “on my own” in the future.

With sincere thanks for your kind help and support,
 Sofia and her family

You can donate to:

Transparent account number: 1117771700/5500 (Raiffeisenbank)
IBAN: CZ4155000000001117771700

Variable symbol: 1616
With following message for recipient: Sofia


you or you can easily contribute with GoFundMe

(The minimal amount for foreign donations is €15 or $20 due to bank transfer charges)

All donations to the fundraiser are tax-deductible. A donation certificate for tax deduction, after filling out this form, will be sent to you by Life for Children.

The fundraiser is organized by Life for Children, in accordance with the law.

Would you like to know what your kind donations help me with?

  • Repeated therapies in neuro-rehabilitation centers. These centers include Axon, Sarema, Klimkovice Sanatorium, Boskovice, Adeli Piesťany, Arcada NeuroMedical Center.
  • Physiotherapist visits
  • Spa visits
  • Health, rehabilitation and compensation aids. These include an electric wheelchair, an entry ramp, a walker, a brace, a GotoSeat. a Splashy seat, adaptive cross-country stroller. and other aids recommended by doctors, which are unfortunately not covered by insurance companies.
  • Special needs car seat
  • The MotoMed Gracile, which would help me move my legs and exercise my joints.
  • Equipment for healthy sleep, which includes anti-decubitus mattresses for my crib.
  • Massage devices and other aids
  • Medicine, vitamins and dietary supplements
  • Hydromassage bath, which my doctors recommended for the necessary aqua therapy. Because I have a very weak immune system, it is not appropriate for me to visit public pools.

I also need a big car, which costs another approx. CZK 650,000

  • I need a big car because it needs to fit the equipment mentioned above, as it is necessary for me to have it with me all the time, on every trip away from home.

I will be forever grateful if you choose to help and do not leave me alone in my struggle with this fatal disease. Thank you very much!

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